Big Hero 6 Co-Screenwriter Daniel Gerson Dies

I just learned from Hollywood Reporter, via Comic Book Resources, that Big Hero 6 co-screenwriter Daniel Gerson died Saturday, age 49, of brain cancer. I am saddened to hear of his passing and the news hit me like the way I felt when Tadashi died in the movie.

(From The Hollywood Reporter article.)

In case you didn’t know, the desk sergeant who first appeared in the official US trailer, is voiced by Gerson and is in fact, named Gerson.

Thank you, Gerson, for co-writing the wonderful Big Hero 6 movie. I will always be grateful.


Big Hero 6’s International Trailers

As with any major international film release, Big Hero 6 had localized trailers for many of the countries in which it aired. If you were ever curious to see them, well, you’re in luck, because I found seven localized trailers from Disney’s various YouTube channels. Here they are:

Big Hero 6 UK Trailer

Les Nouveaux Héros – Bande-annonce (French)

Big Hero 6 — Nuovo Teaser Trailer Italiano Ufficiale (Italian)

Disney España | Big Hero 6 | Segundo Teaser Trailer (Spanish)

Operação Big Hero | Teaser Trailer (Portuguese)

Wielka Szóstka – polski zwiastun #2 (Polish)

Город героев – трейлер (Russian)

Which one did you like best?

Of Mothers and Brothers

Everyone is familiar with Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of May. Certainly Baymax is, as his Mother’s Day tweet made very clear:

Without a doubt, Aunt Cass is Hiro’s mother figure. And of his late brother, Tadashi, Now speaking of Tadashi, May 24 happened to be Brother’s Day, as the Facebook page of Big Hero 6 pointed out:

Tadashi may be physically gone, but he’ll always be remebered.

My Big Hero 6 themed Office Cubicle

My office cubicle got an update this week, and with it came the opportunity to dress it up, Big Hero 6 style.

Yeah, they both look rather grainy, but anyway, one can clearly see that I’ve decked out my desktop in some Big Hero 6 goodness! All my my gadgets are office-issued: the PC with printer, the laptop, and the tablet. And All of them have Big Hero 6 wallpaper. For some reason when I took the first picture the tablet display went on power-saving mode, and then when I took the second picture it was the laptop display’s turn while the tablet screen was active. Hence the two photos.

The PC wallpaper is a widescreen Baymax image downloaded from Disney’s Big Hero 6 website, while the laptop wallpaper is from the scene where Tadashi, Aunt Cass, and the gang are watching Hiro’s microbots presentation with awe, admiration, and pride. The tablet wallpaper is the, *sob sob* last on-screen appearance of Tadashi when Baymax played back to Hiro the vides of Tadashi stumbling, repeatedly then finally succeeding, in creating him. It truly is a bittersweet, poignant scene and one that will remain in my head, and in my heart, for the rest of time.

And finally, there’s a Baymax plush which I ordered straight from the Disney store, because all the toy stores here in Metro Manila ran out of Baxmax plushies as early as December and I was frantic to get one by February. So I ordered on-line, and got my Baymax…and something else. that, however, is another story worth telling sometime in the future.

So, what do you think? Do your room, or cubicle decked out in a Big Hero 6 theme?

The Month That Was

February 2015 will come down in history as a very successful month for Big Hero 6, Here is a list of all that happened.

  • February 3: The Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere release (US only).
  • February 4: Five wins in the 13th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards:
    1. Outstanding Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture.
    2. Outstanding Performance of an Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture (for Baymax).
    3. Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature Motion Picture (for the “Into the Portal” scene).
    4. Outstanding Models in any Motion Media Project (for the city of San Fransokyo, after which this website is named).
    5. Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Animated Feature Motion Picture.
  • February 22: Won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. This capped off the awards season where its contemporaries like How to Train Your Dragon 2 won the Golden Globes Best Animated Feature Film and Annie Awards for Best Animated Feature and The LEGO Movie won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Animated Feature Film and the British Academy Film Awards for Best Animated Film.
  • February 24: The DVD/Blu-Ray release.
  • February 28: The official launch of the film in China, its last major market.

On a personal note, February was also a significant month for me. February 13, the day before Valentines and my lucky day (who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?), the Baymax 10.5″ plush I ordered straight from the Disney Store arrived, with an unexpected bonus (which is in itself another story for another time). So I was able to pose for my Lunar New Year / Birthday / Big Hero 6 photoshoot with Baymax, as the Lunar New Year happened to fall exactly on my birthday for 2015! And almost exactly two weeks later, February 26, DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital HD bundle arrived, complete with four gorgeous lithographs because I ordered it early from the Disney Store.

So, let us toast February for the month that was!

Hello world!

This is the “soft launch” of San Fransokyo Portal, a website dedicated to Walt Disney Animation Studio’s current feature film, Big Hero 6. It’s the first day of February, and in two days time BH6 will officially come out on Digital HD and Disney Movies Everywhere, In a little over two weeks, the Blu-Ray and DVD editions of BH6 will be released. So this month promises to be a big one.

Now since I’m talking about a “soft launch,” when will the official launch of this website be, complete with links and art and everything? I plan to coincide it with the Blu-Ray/DVD release on February 24, and building up to that I will be working behind-the-scenes to spruce up the site. It will feature original articles from me, links to articles about BH6 written by others, news announcements, trivia, merchandise, events, and other stuff related to BH6. I hope that everyone who comes to visit this website is either a fan of Big Hero 6, or will become one!

So, don’t forget, in two days, Big Hero 6 will be available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Everywhere!